Module H5DS

Low-level HDF5 “H5DS” Dimension Scale interface.

h5py.h5ds.attach_scale(DatasetID dset, DatasetID dscale, UINT idx)

Attach Dimension Scale dscale to Dimension idx of Dataset dset.

h5py.h5ds.detach_scale(DatasetID dset, DatasetID dscale, UINT idx)

Detach Dimension Scale dscale from the Dimension idx of Dataset dset.

h5py.h5ds.get_label(DatasetID dset, UINT idx)STRING name_of_label

Read the label for Dimension idx of Dataset dset into buffer label.

h5py.h5ds.get_num_scales(DatasetID dset, UINT dim)INT number_of_scales

Determines how many Dimension Scales are attached to Dimension dim of Dataset dset.

h5py.h5ds.get_scale_name(DatasetID dscale)STRING name_of_scale

Retrieves name of Dimension Scale dscale.

h5py.h5ds.is_attached(DatasetID dset, DatasetID dscale, UINT idx)BOOL

Report if Dimension Scale dscale is currently attached to Dimension idx of Dataset dset.

h5py.h5ds.is_scale(DatasetID dset)BOOL

Determines whether dset is a dimension scale.

h5py.h5ds.iterate(DatasetID loc, UINT dim, CALLABLE func, UINT startidx=0)Return value from func

Iterate a callable (function, method or callable object) over the members of a group. Your callable should have the signature:

func(STRING name) => Result

Returning None continues iteration; returning anything else aborts iteration and returns that value. Keywords:

h5py.h5ds.set_label(DatasetID dset, UINT idx, STRING label)

Set label for the Dimension idx of Dataset dset to the value label.

h5py.h5ds.set_scale(DatasetID dset, STRING dimname)

Convert dataset dset to a dimension scale, with optional name dimname.