Module H5

Library API

h5py.h5.get_config() H5PYConfig

Get a reference to the global library configuration object.


Retrieve the HDF5 library version as a 3-tuple.

Configuration class

class h5py.h5.H5PYConfig

Provides runtime access to global library settings. You retrieve the master copy of this object by calling h5py.get_config().

complex_names (tuple, r/w)

Settable 2-tuple controlling how complex numbers are saved. Defaults to (‘r’,’i’).

bool_names (tuple, r/w)

Settable 2-tuple controlling the HDF5 enum names used for boolean values. Defaults to (‘FALSE’, ‘TRUE’) for values 0 and 1.

Module constants


Resolve indices in alphanumeric order


Resolve indices in order of object creation. Not always available.


Traverse index in the fastest possible order. No particular pattern is guaranteed.


Traverse index in increasing order


Traverse index in decreasing order